Frequently asked questions of owners about reposée - sharing & swapping of leisure properties:




Frequently asked questions of owners about reposée - sharing & swapping of leisure properties:



How does reposée work?
Will my contact details be open for public?


How does FlexShare work?

Prices - All prices quoted are PER SHARE and PER MONTH.

Duration - at least two consecutive months, maximum 12 months.


Example: Sharing agreement for May & June 


Tenant A: uses the property in May
Tenant B: uses the property in June


Tenant A: 1 May to 15 May
Tenant B: 16 May to 31 May

Tenant A: 1 June to 15 June
Tenant B: 16 June to 30 June


Or you agree a very individual sharing plan - this is up to you. The exact sharing model you agree individually with your tenant.


reposée only gives you a framework.


How does WeekShare work?
Can I give both shares to the same tenant?
How do I share with tenants?


What is seasonal home exchange of recreational real estate?

For a seasonal home exchange of recreational real estate like weekend homes, mountain lodges or your holiday apartments: Swap your leisure property for 2-12 months for another leisure property in your area.

Maybe you have a weekend house by the lake and would like to spend the weekends in the mountains for a few months? Bring variety into the weekend by means of seasonal exchange of your leisure mobile.


When is home exchange on reposée possible?
How do I trade with other homeowners?


How much does reposée cost?

The creation of real estate profiles is always free. The search as well.

To get in touch with potential tenants and book, you have to pay a small monthly fee. Details you can find on the page. Further info: 
Sharing: www.reposee.com/en/sharing
House Exchange: www.reposee.com/en/swapping

To get to know our service, we will not charge you monthly lump sums throughout 2018, if you want to get to know a tenant & book!

How much rent can I ask for?
How do I receive my rent?


What happens in a claim?

In the spring of 2018 reposée will offer insurance against rent damages, so that your property is protected in case of damage during the sharing or house swap.

This insurance will apply to any sharing or bartering agreements made via the platform reposée!

When does the rental damage insurance apply?