Questions and Answers

about renting and sharing on reposée:


What can I do on reposée?
Will my contact details be open for public?


ProRent: Hire from commercial providers

On reposée also commercial landlords offer apartments, cottages or cottages. Ideal if you want to spend regular short breaks in a beautiful place. You always stay flexible.

You can recognize commercial hosts by the option & the symbol "ProRent".


Difference reposée - other rental platforms:

On reposée, holiday homes are offered on a monthly basis, so you can visit the leisure property like a weekend home: regularly on weekends, or even during the week.

PrivateRent: Private recreational rentals by the month
How do I rent on reposée?


How does FlexShare work?

FlexShare is a suggestion from reposée and is for your guidance only. How you finally share with each other is up to you!

Duration: at least one month, maximum 12 months. You can extend it at any time.


Example - sharing agreement for May & June:

Tenant: May 1 to May 15
Owner: May 16th to May 31st

Tenant: 1 June to 15 June
Owner: June 16th to June 30th

Or also share monthly on a longer agreement ...


How does WeekShare work?
How do I share with owners?

Costs & Paying Rent

How much does reposée cost?

Setting up a tenant profile is free. The search for real estate as well.

To contact landlords and make bookings, you have to pay a small monthly fee. There are two models:

  • HomeSweetHome12 - for 12 months
  • HomeSweetHome24 - for 24 months

The settlement for the respective period is made once and in advance - no subscription.

On our homepage you will find an overview of the current costs of HomeSweetHome

The monthly rent you pay directly to the landlord and are not included in the service charge.

How do I pay the rent?