reposée is not the usual home exchange platform. Because here you do not exchange your apartment or your house.

On reposée you exchange on a monthly basis weekend houses, alpine huts, apartments and gardens. In other words: Leisure properties!

Why monthly home exchange?


Because you want to visit your "new" holiday home regularly and not just once.

Just as your exchange partners would like to explore the environment of your holiday home regularly over a longer period of time.

What can I swap?


In principle, any leisure property that you think someone else would like to exchange temporarily for their own property. The size or location of the property does not matter..

Even if the - for example - alpine hut offered by you may not be that big, maybe someone with a house on a lake would be happy to swap with you for a few months for variety?

Insurance included


If the exchange takes place via reposée, a liability insurance and a third-party liability insurance is automatically included during the term of "HomeSweetHome12 & 24"..

More info about the Insurance.

How does swapping work on reposée?


Quite simple: Register for free & without obligation as a landlord.

You can also specify what preferences you have for swapping (for example, swapping for the entire time period, or switching back and forth during the time period).

Leisure properties for home exchange are marked with this symbol:


Only if you want to contact or swap, you need "HomeSweetHome12" (for one year) or "HomeSweetHome24" (for two years).

More info about the costs for “HomeSweetHome12 & 24”.




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