What can I rent, swap & share?

Leisure properties for 1-12 months:
Weekend Houses
Scarcely used weekend cottages
Alpine Chalets
Chalets in private use
Holiday Apartments
Second homes with high vacancy
For recreation or hobby-gardening

Use together

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Rent (out) for several months:


"A mountain hut for me & my family!"

Rent from private owners.

"Perfect, no matter if main or low season"!

Commercial leisure properties for rent.


Swap seasonally - variety on weekends:


"Swap hut on mountain for house on lake!"

Classic home exchange for one season.

"14 days at my place and 14 days at your place!"

Or monthly. Or - as agreed individually.


Temporarily share apartments:


"One month yours, next month mine!"

Sensible use of spare capacities.

"On weekends yours, on weekdays mine!"

No more vacancies during the week.

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Landlords find Tenants

Only on reposée - landlords can also search for tenants:
Reiselustiges Paar Ohne Kinder
Traveling couple, no children
2 Persons, preference FlexShare
Internationale Familie Mit Zwei Mädels (5 und 8)
International Family
4 Persons, preference FlexShare
Haus in der Südsteiermark?
House in Southern Styria?
3 Persons, preference PrivateRent
Große Lust am Reisen und Erleben
Like to travel and experience
2 Persons, preference ClassicSwap

Difference to Airbnb & Co


On a monthly basis


Multi-month agreement
Regular visits possible


For a one-time trip / annual leave
For long-distance holidays.


Familiar Guests


Long-term guest relationship
Therefore increased confidence


Guests change very often.
"Renegotiate rules"


Own Use


On request own use possible
Flexible sharing or swapping


No own use during rental
Rigid tenancy with tenant.

Service - Costs

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