If you rent via reposée, you are well insured - together with AXA!

Insurance Protection included


If you rent or lease a recreational property seasonally, your private liability insurance will not always be sufficient in the event of a claim.

At this point, reposeé in cooperation with AXA Versicherungs AG, ensures coverage with a specially tailored insurance for leisure properties.

The insurance cover is available to you during the period of your paid subscription for reposée service. The leisure property must be located in the European Economic Area (EEA). The booking must have been completed via the reposée booking platform:

Liability Insurance


Exclusively for owners, the cover includes a subsidiary homeowners liability insurance.

Should you, as a lessor, have negligently violated your so-called traffic safety obligations, the insurance company will pay compensation up to a maximum rate of 500,000 EUR for personal injury, damage to property and pecuniary loss.

The sum insured is 3 times per insurance year and object available.

The landlord carries from the damage a maximum of 250, - EUR as a deductible.


Rental Damage Liability Insurance


Exclusively for damage caused by your tenants to your property, the cover includes a subsidiary rental damage liability insurance.

Should a tenant negligently damage the rented living space / the rented building or the furnishings, the insurance company will pay the damages up to a maximum rate per insured event of 500,000 EUR, limited to 1,500,000 EUR for all insured events of one insurance year per property and tenant.

Key damages are insured separately with a compensation limit of 15,000 EUR.

The tenant carries a maximum of 250 EUR from the damage as a deductible.

The insurance cover applies in Europe in a geographical sense including Iceland, the non-European Mediterranean countries, the Canary Islands, Madeira and the Azores.

For Swiss citizens who rent a property in Switzerland, the subsidiary liability insurance does not apply.

The homeowners liability insurance for landlords does not apply in Switzerland.





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