We are different

reposée means seasonal sharing: for 2-12 months. On same time, you stay flexible:

Share it

Share your leisure home with a tenant.
FlexShare or WeekShare.







Rent it out

Rent it out completely.
1 or 2 tenants per month at the same time.




Keep it

December for family? No problem.
You can always keep periods for yourself.



How seasonal Sharing works

Share a leisure property with others for 2-12 months:


This month yours - next month mine

Divide up the months:

OWNER: in June 
TENANT: in July…


OWNER: from June 1 until June 15 
TENANT: from June 16 until June 30…

very flexible: you agree individually.


Weekends You - Weekdays Me

Divide up the weeks:

OWNER: Friday afternoon until Sunday
TENANT: Monday until Friday noon

very flexible: you agree individually.
Any questions? Look in our FAQs for Landlords or for Tenants

Landlords find Tenants

 Only on reposée, landlords can also search for tenants:
Reiselustiges Paar Ohne Kinder
Traveling couple without children
2 Persons, FlexShare

We, Manu and Fritz, like to travel with our Labrador Milow. We are not tied to holiday times. Sometimes we take our dog with us - often without. 
Internationale Familie Mit Zwei Mädels (5 und 8)
International family with two girls (5 and 8)
4 Persons, FlexShare

We are an international family with two girls (5 and 8) and are looking for a weekend home. We enjoy life and love our children ...
Haus in der Südsteiermark?
House in South Styria?
3 Persons, WeekShare

Would like to spend a season in South Styria, preferably on the wine route in the southwest Styria. It can also be in autumn or winter :)
Große Lust am Reisen und Erleben
Great desire to travel and experience
5 Persons, WeekShare

We are a family of five and we prefer to go outside than on the sofa...

reposée       Airbnb

5 differences to Airbnb & Co
  • 1
    Monthly Basis

    Monthly rental

    Daily rental

  • 2

    Regular "getaways" during one season

    For a one-time trip / annual leave

  • 3
    Less Effort

    Handing over of keys only once every few months

    Permanent key deliveries every few days

  • 4
    Familiar Guests

    Security & trust due to permanent guest relations

    Risk & uncertainty due to daily changing guests

  • 5
    Own Use

    Own use possible during rental - long-term sharing

    No own use during rent possible

Sharing is fun

How would you like to share: FlexShare or WeekShare?


Flexible sharing means changing every 2 weeks. Or monthly. Or individually.

Example - 3 months; Change every 2 weeks:

Tag 1-15Day 1-15
Month 1-3
WochenendhausWeekend House
Tag 16-30Day 16-30


One from Monday to Friday noon, the other from Friday afternoon to Sunday.
Ideal for families or freelancers, pensioners, students.

Example - 3 Months:

Tag 1-15Mon - Fri 
Month 1-3
WochenendhausWeekend House
Tag 16-30Fri aftern. - Sun

Leisure Properties on reposée

You can find these and many other great objects on reposée:
Ferienhaus im Biosphärenpark
Holiday house in the biosphere park
4 Persons, Lungau, AT

Beautiful holiday home in the sunniest place in Austria, great view, bright and modern...
Das Traumhaus Nicht Weit Vom Gardasee
Dream house, not far from Lake Garda
4 Persons, Northern Italy, IT

Our house near Lake Garda. A piece of Italy for the whole family. Ideal for people from Munich or Innsbruck…
Historischer Landsitz im Apfelgarten
Historic manor in the apple orchard
8 Persons, NÖ, AT

This former dairy appears on the outskirts of Vienna in a large apple orchard with adjoining meadows and forests…
Direkt an der Nordsee in unberührter Natur
Directly on the North Sea in untouched nature
4 Persons, Pellworm, DE

Luxury Hideaway with 2 bedrooms & sauna by the private pond."Friesenhof" in picturesque single location…

Service Costs

Registration on reposée is always free & without obligation!